Benefits of Addiction Treatment

The benefits of intensive addiction treatment are very substantial. There is a reason why it is the most recommended way of healing from addiction and substance abuse.

No other method of recovery has proven quite as effective as the inpatient residential rehabilitation model. This is for a number of reasons, including substantial operating budgets, access to current resources, more staff than clients and individual counseling. Those who have attended private residential rehabilitation have exhibited the highest success rates of any form of addiction treatment because of the resources the rehab has access to.

Individual counseling is a particularly important aspect of private rehabilitation that is frequently not offered through government-funded rehab. Individual counseling is considered to be very imperative to addiction recovery because it is the most reliable way of discovering the underlying causes of addiction. Someone who is not a licensed private counselor is very likely to misguide a recovering addict through the exploration of their thought and behavioral patterns. This is why the services of a private counselor are invaluable during rehabilitation.

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The presence of more staff members is also very important to the client’s security. When there are not enough staff members available to the client, they are forced to compete for the staff member’s attention and for their needs to be met.

This can result in many potential building blocks to the individual’s mental health slipping through cracks and not being noticed. It is far more effective to have an adequate number of staff members available to the clients so a greater awareness of their needs is acquired.

And lastly, private addiction treatment also offers better recreation and diet options to its clients. Because of the higher operating budget of a private rehab, it is able to afford its clients gym memberships, recreational equipment such as kayaks or snow shoes and a good quality menu. Upper end rehabs even have features such as private gyms, game rooms, saunas and jacuzzis. For a worthwhile addiction treatment experience, consider residential rehabilitation.






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