Benefits of exercise to the body

Exercise is any movement that requires your muscles to work and your body to burn calories. There are various types of exercises you can do, that will keep you healthy and strong. Studies have shown that exercising has immense benefits on the body, and it is best to harness it while you still can.

Below are the benefits of exercise to the body:

  • Feel happier: When you exercise you are bound to feel happier with yourself and everyone around you. The chances of having depression, stress and anxiety are slim. Exercise induces some changes in the brain that are in charge of stress and anxiety regulation.

Similarly, exercise increases the production of endorphins which is the hormone that induces positive feelings.

  • Weight loss: If you want to lose weight, you need to exercise. Inactivity has been proved to be one of the major reasons why people gain weight excessively. So, while watching your diet, you need to exercise for you to lose weight effectively.
  • Better muscles and bones: In building your muscles and bones, exercise plays a crucial role. When you exercise intensely, you are building your muscles and bones to become stronger and healthier.

This happens because exercise stimulates the hormonal production that aids our muscles and bones to absorb amino acids. These amino acids aids their growth and reduces their breakdown rate.

  • Increase in Energy Levels: Exercise is a good energy booster for healthy individuals, and those who have health problems. When you exercise, you are reducing the feelings of fatigue which creeps in after working. Recent studies have shown that exercise impacts people who are suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS with energy.
  • Reduce the chance of chronic disease: When exercise is absent, the chances of a chronic disease increases. Regular exercise increases insulin sensitivity, reduces blood fat levels and blood pressure. In addition, exercise increases body composition and cardiovascular fitness.

There are still other benefits that exercise impacts to the body. And it is advised that you include exercise on your daily routine, no matter how busy you might be.   






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